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Try your best to make use of the given 5 minutes effectively and conquer the challenge in sports game as soon as possible! Enter your username and you can step into the new playing field along with your teammate. There are only four players in a match. However, you are able to check your shooting skill with tons of opponents all over the world. Just coordinate with your partner skillfully and both of you can earn the highest point, the major element which affects the final result. After the timer begins, you should find the ball and move it to the place where you will kick and score. While you are running, you are recommended to collect green dots because they will provide energy and help you last longer. Note that they are limited! Collect them before they are robbed! Additionally, keep an eye on your goal and defend it. Have fun!


Use the mouse to move, LMB to speed up, RMB or C to dash, X to brake.

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