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Click on a skill and you can start to join the game for free! Check out another amazing 2d shooter and discover a new arena where you will have the great time to show up your skill as well as become the King. However, do not forget to find out the most strategies in the short time, which allow you to beat every difficulty and reach the goal sooner than expected. With the ability that you select, you are able to repeat it many times as you want. Moreover, you are recommended to use upgrades and improve your chosen items along with the own health by mining red guys around you. Just head to whenever on the map and you can prove your power easily. Try to defend your life from every dangerous situation until you end up the challenge! Are you willing to engage the combat and conquer the top score? Good luck!


Use WASD to move, the mouse to aim and shoot. Press RMB or Space to turn on the selected ability. Hit 1-4 or scroll the mouse to change.

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