Narwhale Io

Are you excited to dive into the ocean and take a chance to explore many awesome challenges in a wonderful multiplayer game called free online? As you know, the “io” games have been very popular and addictive these days. Lots of players already have their own favorite “io games” list, they like spending hours playing and conquering missions, challenges in those multiplayer games. game is speculated and expected to become the next successor just right after, Slither. and so forth. If you are interested in this new io game, you should check out its gameplay and other relevant stuff now. Gameplay free online will be a funny multiplayer game that offers a nice gameplay and cool features to the players. Different from the previous io games, the character in this Narwhale has its own characteristic. You used to become a tiny cell, a small snake, or any tiny shapes in other former games, but now, you will take on a role of an aquatic creature called Narwhale. Since this is a multiplayer game, it’s inevitable to bump into other opponent Narwhale, and that’s the outstanding point of the game too. The players have to fight against each other over the title which is an ultimate king of the Narwhale.

To fight against the rivals, you are supposed to swim around the game arena and take any chances to stab the opponents by using your horn. It’s so lucky when your narwhale is equipped with a strong horn which can be used as the main weapon. Try to move around the map carefully and always keep an eye on the surroundings, since the enemies can kill you anytime. You must make an effort to pierce and split the rivals in half, which will completely kick them out of the game. Every time you kill one opponent, you will obtain more levels and receive a lot of amazing buffs that can help you power up and become stronger. Your horn will be larger, more stamina, and your dashes will be developed too. Do not run into other narwhales directly, or else both of you will have to fly backwards, which is extremely dangerous! The speed of the game is apparently faster a bit, so if you are not careful when making your move, you will be split easily by other rivals. Try your hardest to become the most powerful narwhale on the leaderboard!

Before playing, you should give your narwhale a cute name, select a server and your region to play, then head into the game arena! Let’s play game online for free now and see how long you can last!

Control your narwhale and move it around the game arena by using the mouse only

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